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If you would like to attend the next Youth Council meeting, please contact Lori Myers at 636.278.1360.

The following are the minutes from the January 16th Youth Council meeting:
I.  Report on WIB Activities
Don provided an update on the WIB's activities.  He indicated that the WIB is continuing to work on its strategic planning activities.  A steering committee has been formed and they have achieved a mission statement which they will present to the full WIB at the next WIB meeting.  They are also working on an agreement with the County Executive.
II. Website
Jenny provided a document detailing the links for the Youth Council's website. Don pulled the Center's website up on the projector for the Youth Council members to see what is currently on the site.  No suggestions were made on this topic.
III.  Pilot Project
Patty provided an agenda for the project.  She then gave background information on the project.  The members reviewed the agenda.  Yvonne suggested switching the rotation around so the students will not believe the financial aid information applies to MSI or apprenticeship programs.
IV.  Focus Group
The council reviewed the information that Cheryl Graber had provided via email.  the group discussed when and where to have the event however no consensus was determined.  Kim indicated she would try to get some youth to attend.  Heather also volunteered to help.
V. Other
Janis discussed United Way's "211" initiative.  She suggested having a United Way representative come talk to the Youth Council.  She also suggested that the Youth Council make sure their information is made available to the United Way.  patty suggested putting this link on the Youth Council's website.  Heather indicated she would send contact information for the United Way to Patty

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